Our Story

From our founder:

After I got engaged and was suddenly a bride-to-be myself, I was shocked at the $$$ of wedding things. I quickly realized the wedding I imagined (saw in magazines, pinterest, and on bridal blogs) would cost a small fortune. So, like any scrappy girl with designer taste, I looked for another way. Ebay, marketplaces, sample sales; where were the end of season sales for bridal things? The 70% off sales for the gowns I lusted after?

I couldn’t find them, but what I did find were other girls like me trying to buy and sell their wedding things and save money. The bridal industry wanted us to feel cheap, like we were breaking the rules by not paying full price for a designer things. That we were tacky because sipping champagne and paying a 70% markup weren’t as important to us as saving money for our honeymooons and for investing in our lives after we got married.

I started Taz Greer Events with the $$$ I got from reselling my wedding things and the little money left after my own wedding a few months before. We launched www.tazgreerevents.comout of my living room with the support of my husband, family and of women all over the US who sent me their gowns and believed in what I wanted to build.

Every wedding things we help sell or bride we help get a things she loves for less, is a building block to our bridal revolution. I hope you enjoy shopping Taz Greer Events and help us share the love!